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How long does production take?

From the time you've been scheduled in the Calendar, projects based off of Collections usually takes around 2-4 weeks, depending on size of project. If you are also commissioning Couture Artwork, please take into consideration a usual 6 month waiting list, followed by a 4-8 week production time.  

What to do if my Collection hasn't been created yet?

Let us know what theme or destination you are interested in, and we'll see what we can do. We usually select our themes based on popularity as well as Emérence's availability for painting.

When should I add some Couture artwork? 

Couture artwork is 100% inspired by you with no limitations on creativity, so we can really go wild here! When a new composition* is created, you will have design exclusivity until 6 months after your event. After 6 months, all compostions and artwork will be added to the Potesta Designs Library for future client use. 


*most compostions are created using a mix of existing and new artwork, digitally collaged together. 6 months exclusivity is offered for the composition, not the individually painted items. 

How is the artwork created? 

All the artwork is first hand-painted by Emérence de Potesta, scanned, with all compositions for the website and printed stationery created digitally. Given that each element is usually painted separately, it's possible to then easily change the compositions, adapt colour etc. when requested. Compostions are usually created using a mix of existing and new art.

Can I print the artwork myself? 

High Definition access will only be granted for some of the Couture artwork, including emblems, portraits and fully Couture maps. For all other work, Potesta Designs will retain all rights.


It is possible to apply some of the artwork to our event's guest favours and on-site branding? 

It is possible for us to send some of the artwork directly to your selected supplier, depending on what is requested. A starting fee of €250 will be added for any possible adaption needed for printing and for the granting of the High Definition rights for your project request (only for private use).

What happens to the artwork after my event? 

With all of the Collections' artwork, there is no exclusivity, meaning that the artwork will either be directly adapted from or added to Potesta Design's Library. For all Couture artwork, you will have exclusivity to the compositions (not the individual painted items) for up to 6 months after your event. After that, the artwork will become a part of Potesta Design's Library. 

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